Duncan Napier since 1997 has been occupied in both the manufacture of liquid-applied waterproofing products and their application to all types of building exteriors both in the Western Cape and Gauteng. His experience includes the careful preparation of surfaces using specialist equipment and proven product application methods.

Since 1993 Duncan and his brother Eric Napier together have developed invaluable project management experience in handling all types of building surface restoration in the Western Cape. Since 2012 Eric has settled in the USA. He has become a USA citizen and is now a highly valued and successful Roofing Consultant for a large roofing company in Chicago.

Clients are assured that Duncan will provide expert detailed attention to meticulous execution of projects from quotation to final signing off of the contract.


Our mission is to provide our clients by using Quantum Solutions with a refreshing new experience. We have taken waterproofing expertise to new levels of proficiency and reliability.


  • To keep pace with proven coating technologies and waterproofing expertise ensuring clientele of our ability to provide real and consistent value.
  • To maintain a leading position in building surface maintenance by setting cutting edge standards for both new and remedial projects using the latest and best in product technology and application methods.
  • To provide a high level of satisfaction by delivering better-than-anticipated value for money. Our accumulated wealth of technical experience during more than 20 years enables us not only to restore our Client’s property to its original condition, but to actually add value because of utilizing advanced products and application techniques.


  • To provide a level of expertise in advance of what property owners normally expect.
  • To carefully diagnose the source of problems and offer proven solutions to cure them.
  • To give clients’ the correct advice relative to maintaining and adding value their property investment.
  • To use only the finest specified materials and methods throughout, and not low-cost alternatives.
  • To provide on-going property maintenance service ensuring long-term satisfaction and peace of mind.
  • To exceed the expectations of our clientele, establish their trust and maintain a longstanding business relationship through the dedicated performance of every team member.



Quantum Solutions offer a high calibre restoration, waterproofing and damp proofing service for existing building exteriors including flat and pitched roofs, facebrick walls, parapets and balconies.

We have experience in applying waterproofing products to all types of new building surfaces above or below ground.

We are capable of safely accessing almost all types of structure from houses to high-rise apartments, commercial and industrial buildings.


Our policy is always to specify and use materials that surpass the quality and performance criteria for the job on hand. These hi-tech materials have been proven by us over years to provide cost-effective and reliable long-term maintenance of the building surfaces for which they were designed.
Whether it is weather resistant wall coatings or flat roof membranes, you may rest assured the products will perform as specified. If required, the manufacturers or suppliers of these materials will visit your site, provide a specification and back the product’s performance with a manufacturer’s guarantee.


The finest materials require proficient workmen to apply them. Our trained workers have many years’ experience and are qualified to provide highly skilled workmanship. We are well aware that our severe weather conditions requires a thorough, belt-and-braces practice in both surface preparation and product application – so essential for reliable and lasting performance.
Any previously undiscovered causes (especially structural) for water penetration revealed during surface preparation will be shown to the client and appropriate remedial solutions suggested.


Our clientele comprise a core of well-known Building Contractors, Project Managers, Property Owners and Managers who regularly use Quantum Solutions because of their trust in our proven reliability and workmanship. They know that we will deliver the job to specification and on time. We shall gladly supply client references for past contracts as required.