Waterproofing Hout Bay

Top 3 Benefits Of Waterproofing Your Roof

The rainy season is over in the Western Cape but if you suffered a roof leak this winter, now is the time to fix it. Having a roof leak during a rainstorm isn’t exactly fun, especially if you aren’t home to deal with it right away. Water damage can cost thousands of rands to repair. Often, furniture and flooring need to be replaced completely.

Roof leaks sometimes come unexpectedly. One reason for sudden roof leaks is a blocked gutter obstructing water flow. Another common reason is damaged roof shingles which can be caused by our notorious Cape Town South Easter wind. Your roof might appear to be healthy on the surface but might be damaged or worn and in need of repairs. Whatever the reason, you need help and quickly. Here are 3 ways waterproofing your roof will benefit you.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Roof

If you take good care of your roof, it should last you up to 30 years. By applying a waterproof layer, your roof will be protected from the suns UV rays as well as the elements of mother nature, thus extending its lifespan even further.

Save Money on Future Roof Repairs

As a homeowner, you’re all too familiar with the expenses that accompany the title. The last thing you need is pricey roof repairs on a regular basis or a premature roof replacement. Roof waterproofing will eliminate future roof repairs and help save you money in the long run.

Increase Your Home’s Value

You’ll be glad you invested in roof waterproofing, even if you’re not planning to sell your home in the near future. High-quality waterproofing can last anything from 20 – 40 years. And if the time comes that you decide to sell your home, you’ll save the potential buyer from having to invest in waterproofing out of their pocket.

Investing in roof waterproofing Cape Town isn’t a decision to take lightly. If you need some more information before you make a decision, speak to the team at Quantum Solutions today!

4 Good Reasons Why Damp Proofing Your Home Is Important

Damp problems in South Africa is more common than you think. Especially in older buildings where the damp proof course is non-existent due to damage or if it was never installed.

Ignoring small damp patches or dark mould on the walls might seem like a small thing. But, these are signs that mould is present in your home. The excess moisture might escalate and lead to more serious issues later on. Below are 4 reasons to consider damp proofing your home.

Rid Your Home of Unpleasant Smells

Does your home smell musty? Damp causes mould growth that’s hidden behind furniture and can give off an overwhelming foul smell. Unexplained unpleasant smells might discourage you from inviting guests or even worse, interfere with your everyday life.

Prevent Structural Problems

Do you know what happens when the timber in your home’s structure suffer water damage? It will rot and turn into sponge, finally crumbling away. Wet rot also affect carpets, plaster and wallpaper.

Improve Your Home’s Appearance

Mould spores and dark damp patches on your home isn’t exactly beautiful. And painting over it won’t do you any favours either. The paint will crack and ripple and before you know it your black patches will reappear. To save you time and money and to ensure your home looks good, it’s best to damp proof your home completely.

Prevent Health Problems

Mould thrives in damp, dark conditions. In case you don’t know it, mould is bad for your health. Prolong exposure to these toxins can cause health issues like headaches, eye irritations, coughing and wheezing. It can even progress to asthma and other respiratory conditions if left untreated.

Don’t ignore the signs of damp in your home. Speak to the professionals at Quantum Solutions for a quote on damp proofing in Cape Town today!

Waterproofing Hout Bay

Why Roof Waterproofing Is A Job Better Left To The Professionals

Every industry has bad apples who give other contractors a bad name. And while there’s no way to know upfront, there are some things you can do to avoid dealing with unreliable service providers. Thorough research is vital and so are reading customer reviews.

Another valuable tip is to never choose the cheapest quote. You’ll only end up at the receiving end when shortcuts are taken to recoup lost money. Not convinced yet? Here are some excellent reasons to choose a professional waterproofing company instead of hiring an amateur or attempting a DIY project.

The End Result Will Be Better

Roof waterproofing might seem like an easy job but how much do you really know about it? Do you have the skills or experience needed to successfully waterproof your roof? If you don’t want to waste money on many failed waterproofing attempts, you might want to consider hiring a professional from the start.

The Job Will Get Done Promptly

The truth is, when we DIY anything at home, we’re limited to our off times – weekends and weeknights. A waterproofing project that might get done in a day can drag out for months because you simply don’t have the time to finish it. When you hire a professional, your project will be completed quickly and you won’t have to lift a finger.

It’s More Affordable than You Might Think

Many people believe that hiring contractors is more expensive than doing it themselves when in fact the opposite is true. A reputable waterproofing contractor with an established place in the market will have competitive rates because they won’t pay consumer prices for the materials they use. They won’t have to rent the equipment since they already own them. They will also do the job right the first time. Hiring a professional waterproofing contractor is much more affordable in the long run.

For more information about roof waterproofing Cape Town, speak to the team at Quantum Solutions today.

This Is The Best Way To Improve The Air Quality In Your Home

Air pollution is a big problem globally. And while we are thankful for the Southeaster in Cape Town that helps clean the air in a big way, we’re still exposed to air pollution in our homes every day.

That’s right, air pollution isn’t limited to the outdoors. In fact, often inside air is more polluted than the air outside. The primary reason for this is because of mould growth. In Cape Town, winters are wet and mould growth is inevitable. And in case you’re not aware, mould is really bad for your health.

Where Does Mould Come From?

Mould is the direct cause of untreated damp. Excessive moisture in your home leads to damp whether it’s from poor ventilation or water leaks. Poor ventilation can also cause air pollution in the form of fireplace smoke, paint or gas fumes.

How Does Air Pollution Affect Your Health?

Air pollution, whether indoors or outdoors, is bad for your health. It can cause allergies, dizziness, headaches, sneezing, coughing, eye and skin irritations as well as breathing issues. Without proper treatment, it may lead to asthma. Air pollution affects everyone but the elderly, pregnant women and children are more susceptible.

Damp Proofing Your Home Is an Easy Solution to Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you or your family members are showing signs of any of the above-mentioned symptoms, it would be wise to start monitoring your indoor air quality. A simple test can determine if your air quality is good or bad. And when it comes to your family’s safety, prevention is always better than cure.

Damp proofing is a quick and simple solution to enhance indoor air quality. By removing the elements that cause damp like poor ventilation, water leaks or faulty plumbing and treating your walls with a damp proof course, your indoor air quality will improve significantly.

If you’re looking for a reliable and affordable damp proofing company in Cape Town, get in touch with the team at Quantum Solutions today.

These Are The Most Common Causes Of Damp To Look Out For

Damp is something many people are familiar with. If you’ve come face to face with damp, you’ll know how challenging it is to get rid of it for good. Damp is caused by one of many factors such as condensation or the age of your building.

Mould growth is one of the symptoms of damp or excess moisture in the home. It’s also a common cause of various health issues like coughing, sore throat, nasal congestion, skin irritation and eye irritation. Below are some common causes of damp to look out for in and around your home.

Blocked or Leaky Gutters

Homeowners typically overlook gutters since they are expensive to fix. But the damage blocked or leaky gutters can cause will cost you even more if ignored. Damp can cause structural damage to your home and if left untreated could pose a serious risk to the lives of everyone in your home. Always be on the lookout for leaky or blocked gutters to avoid bigger problems in future.

Old Buildings

Older properties often struggle with damp. This might be due to the fact that they don’t have sufficient damp proofing installed, or it’s damaged beyond repair. If there isn’t anything left to prevent moisture absorption through the walls, you’ll be left with water damage. Improved ventilation and damp proofing can help rid your old building of damp.

Uneven Surface

If your home is built on an area where the ground is uneven, you are more likely to experience rising damp. Rising damp happens when moisture from outside move up through the walls of your property. Common signs of rising damp include damage to walls and floors as well as salt stains.

More Causes of Damp

  • Poor heating in rooms
  • Absence of insulation in walls
  • Moisture sources like damp clothing and plants
  • Cooking without lids or using an extractor fan
  • Not wiping tiles in the bathroom after taking a shower or bath
  • Roof leaks
  • Condensation caused by heaters

While damp is a serious problem, it’s one that can be rectified by professionals like ourselves. For more information about damp proofing or if you require a free quote, get in touch with Quantum Solutions today. The specialists for Damp Proofing Cape Town one client at a time.


Protect Your Property From Water Damage With Roof Waterproofing

Property owners are all too familiar with maintenance issues in and around the house. While not all have to be dealt with right away, others might need your immediate attention. One example of an urgent issue is roof leaks. If you don’t put urgency in the matter, you’ll have even bigger problems on your hands.

Damage caused by water can have detrimental effects on your home’s structure. Rotting roof trusses aren’t just expensive to fix, but they can also be life-threatening. To avoid the unnecessary stress and costs of a roof replacement, we suggest you hire a professional for your membrane waterproofing in Cape Town. Here are some excellent reasons to consider roof waterproofing right now:

Increase the Lifespan of Your Roof

The average lifespan of a quality roof is anything from 25 to 30 years. But it depends on which elements of nature it has to endure. Roof waterproofing will protect your property from rainstorms, strong winds and intense heat. It will also stop your roof paint colour from fading too quickly so you don’t have to paint it as often.

Save You Money on Unnecessary Roof Repairs

Sometimes roof leaks go unnoticed for years until it causes vital damage. And when it does, it will cost you a lot of money to fix it. Not all damage is fixable and roof replacements are expensive. If you invest in roof waterproofing by a professional like Quantum Solutions, you will protect your property from disaster for at least 10 years.

Reduce the Risk of Damp and Mould

Damp isn’t a nice problem to have. it ruins your floors, walls and furniture. But, it doesn’t stop there. Damp is the number one cause of mould growth which is extremely harmful to your health. Mould can cause or worsen respiratory illness as well as skin irritations.

Protect your property and invest in membrane waterproofing for your home. For more information or a free quote, get in touch with Quantum Solutions today!