Crystalline Waterproofing is the development of crystals to achieve watertight concrete structures. As leaders in Crystalline Waterproofing in Cape Town. Quantum Solutions has kept pace with the tremendous advances during the last 20 years in the development of high-performance cementitious products.


Crystalline Waterproofing Applications

As official manufacturer-approved applicators, our highly skilled and experienced are fully equipped to apply these specialised crystalline waterproofing applications. You can rely on our expertise with complete confidence to perform your masonry waterproofing in a professional manner.

  • Resin-reinforced slurries consolidate friable masonry to provide a stable surface for the application of waterproof slurry, plaster render and paint.
  • Waterproof cement slurries are applied to walls and floors to form a barrier resisting the penetration of water both through the outside surface and from the back.
  • Water-tight repair mortars fill cracks and plug holes causing water ingress in masonry.
  • Crystalline waterproof slurry is applied to concrete to form an impermeable crystalline barrier. Any water attempting to penetrate from the inside or outside causes further growth and migration of the active waterproofing crystals in the concrete pores and cracks.
  • Rapid setting crystalline mortar is applied to holes and cracks which are seeping water. The waterproofing crystals will continue to spread in the cracks and in the surrounding masonry forming an impregnable barrier against any moisture present.
  • Liquid plasticising waterproof admixtures are included in new concrete before pouring, and mixed into plaster render before application.

Where Can Crystalline Waterproofing Be Installed?

Crystalline waterproofing can be installed in retaining walls and basements to prevent water penetration. It can also be applied on new and existing concrete decks and slabs on balconies, flat roofs, walkways and floors. The specialised application can also be used on the following:

  • Underground foundations, parking garages, lift shafts, tunnels, vaults, subways and pipelines.
  • Water treatment plants and sewage installations.
  • Water reservoirs and channels.
  • Major concrete structures such as bridges and underwater support columns.
  • All types of walls and parapets: cement plaster, facebrick, concrete bricks and blocks, and stone.
  • Patching, filling and sealing of cracks, joints and holes in all concrete and masonry.

Why Choose Quantum Solutions Waterproofing?

Quantum Solutions professional waterproofing team are fully skilled in applying these specialised products and applications. You may rely on our professional and experienced team with complete confidence to perform your masonry waterproofing in a professional manner. Contact us our team today for a free assessment and quotation!

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