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What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is the damage caused when water from the ground rises up through the bricks and mortar of a building via capillary action. It is a very common building defect and can cause respiratory issues in the elderly and those with weak immune systems.

Can Rising Damp Be found On Your Ceiling?

The simple answer is no. Rising damp is the specific type of damp that occurs when moisture comes from the ground. The water that gets pulled up contains salts that travel up through the bricks and cause signs of rising damp such white marks or efflorescence.

Rising Damp Cape Town

If you do have damp on your ceiling or any other kind of damp that is higher than 1.3m from the floor, it is most likely penetrating damp. Penetrating damp (also known as lateral damp) is the result of water infiltration through a defect on external walls of a building.

Since the ground water is what is pulled up during this process, you are more likely to only notice rising damp problems after a long period. Unless there has been a prolonged, heavy rainfall, then you will most likely see it sooner. This is also why rising damp will only occur on the ground floor.

How To Treat Rising Damp?

Rising damp can be solved if treated correctly. If you received pricing on a damp proof course that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Rising damp treatment is not the most cost-effective but it is definitely worth it.

Why Choose Quantum Solutions For Your Rising Damp?

The most important part of the rising damp treatment process is correct diagnosis. Before assuming anything, our rising damp experts carry out a comprehensive rising damp inspection. Not only will we be able to identify the rising damp but also if there are other underlying conditions that may be causing a problem.

Our highly trained rising damp treatment team have the skills and expertise to solve your damp problems once and for all! We solve damp problems for the residential, commercial or industrial sectors in Cape Town.

As expert rising damp company in Cape Town with over 27 years of experience, we are confident we can provide you with the best possible solution for your rising damp issues.

Do you have questions? Or simply need some advice? Please do not hesitate to give us a call. We can provide expert advice about damp and set up a free on-site inspection.

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